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Westerngitarre Alvarez Delta00/TSB
Westerngitarre Alvarez Delta00/TSBWesterngitarre Alvarez Delta00/TSB (1)Westerngitarre Alvarez Delta00/TSB (2)

Alvarez Delta00/TSB

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  • Korpusform: 00
  • Konstruktion: teilmassiv (Decke)
  • Cutaway: nein
  • Decke: Sitka-Fichte
  • Boden/Zargen: Mahagoni
  • Hals: Mahagoni
  • Griffbrett: Indian Laurel
  • Steg: Indian Laurel
  • Sattel/Stegeinlage: Knochen
  • Farbe: Tobacco Sunburst
  • Finish: Hochglanz
  • Mensur: 24,8" (630 mm)
  • Sattelbreite: 44,5 mm
  • Saitenanzahl: 6-saitig
  • Saitenstärke ab Werk: .012 - .053

Alvarez Delta00/TSB · Westerngitarre


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(1 Bewertung)
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Alvarez Delta

John W. am 22.05.2023

After some lengthly 'hin und hier' about buying a OO guitar, I decided to buy the Alvarez DeltaOO. The whole guitar is well built and well finished (a couple of small varnish marks) but, as is usual with most 'out of the box' instruments it needed setting up properly to my personal liking.
I find even as a new guitar it has a very well ballanced tone across the full range and is, for its size, quite loud and responsive. The neck and fingerboard are just fine for me (I have large hands) and I find the feel comfortable and easy to use whether blues picking or strumming. Also the OO size is now very suitable for my gigs as I am a bit older and a couple of hours with a large instrument just about leaves me aching.. My wonderful 45 year old Cortez J45 style guitar has now sadly retired to its case for good and I shall be happy to let my Delta OO sing out for me at future gigs.
This is no doubt a very nice guitar. Not too much but maybe, a little expensive. Over the coming time I shall see how the value stands up and, if the guitar does the job it is supposed to do. If it does then all is fine. And, I also haven't forgotten that I could pay ten times as much just to have another name on the head stock but maybe not that much better instrument. I've had plenty of Martins and Gibsons, and others, over the years and find the Alvarez equal in many ways.
From its feel it actually reminds me of an old Gibson Kalamazoo I once had - small, good to play, and a good rounded tone.

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