Alfred KDM Sitting In: Rock Guitar (+ DVD)

Alfred KDM Sitting In: Rock Guitar (+ DVD)

  • Instrument: Gitarre
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  • Format: DIN A4
  • Erscheinungsjahr: 2015
  • inkl.: DVD
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Alfred KDM Sitting In: Rock Guitar (+ DVD) · Lehrbuch

Sit in with the band and bring your playing to life! Soloing is an important part of your playing, but practicing on your own doesn't always get the creative juices flowing because there is nothing quite like the experience of sitting in with a full band. Since jamming with other musicians is not always possible, Sitting In: Rock Guitar brings the band to you! Practice comping patterns and soloing with the same energy you get with a real, live band. Expert guitarist Jared Meeker leads you through all the tips and techniques you need to give life to your practice sessions, inspiring you to add new sounds to your growing rock vocabulary. The DVD-ROM includes MP3 audio for every song mixed with and without solo guitar. The included TNT 2 software is a perfect practice tool since it lets you customize audio tracks for practice. Use it to slow down tracks, isolate and loop parts, and change tempos and keys.


80 Proof to Go (145 BPM)
80 Proof to Go (Heavy Metal in F-sharp)
About the Author
Blind Swine (90 BPM)
Blind Swine (Hard Rock in B Minor)
Blue Checkerboard (60 BPM)
Blue Checkerboard (Slow Blues in B-flat)
Breaking Limits (105 BPM)
Breaking Limits (Country Rock in C-Sharp Minor)
Changing Keys and Making the Changes
Crocodile in the Rain (105 BPM)
Crocodile in the Rain (Alternative Rock in D Minor)
Echoes in the Cavern (120 BPM Swung)
Echoes in the Cavern (Blues-Rock in E)
Heavy as Rox (200 BPM)
Heavy as Rox (Heavy Metal in D)
How to Use This Book
Intro to Rock Harmony
Protector of Music (120 BPM)
Protector of Music (Funk Rock in E-flat Minor)
Say Wha? (60 BPM)
Say Wha? (Classic Rock in A)
Scale Appendix
Scale Theory
Sometimes Less Is Fillmore (150 BPM Swung)
Sometimes Less Is Fillmore (Rock-Blues in G-sharp Minor)
The Grand Ryman Pews (150 BPM)
The Grand Ryman Pews (Country Rock in G)
Tipitina's 501 (100 BPM Shuffle)
Tipitina's 501 (Funk Rock in C Minor)
To Be or to CBG Be? (180 BPM)
To Be or to CBG Be? (Alternative Rock in A)
Vulcan Armadillo (200 BPM Swung)
Vulcan Armadillo (Country Rock in C)
Wandering Troubadour (135 BPM)
Wandering Troubadour (Hard Rock in F Lydian)
Working with the Play-Along Tracks

Lehrbuch · Alfred KDM Sitting In: Rock Guitar (+ DVD)

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